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From mounting options to Stored-Value Cards to preventative maintenance, there is a full range of accessories and supplies for Jamex hardware products.


Multi-Tube Coin Changer

Increase the change making capacity of your 6500 Series vending system with this accessory. Additional coin tubes allow the vending system to pay back change using $1 coins, functionally increasing the change making capacity of your Jamex product to over $100.

Model 7800, Internal Stored-Value Card Reader

This accessory can be added to either a 6500 Series cash-based vending system or a 7200 Series Self-Service Card Station. In either situation it allows a patron to use that vending system or card station to add more cash value to their card. When used in conjunction with a cash-based vending system it allows for differential pricing for services based on whether a card or cash is used.

Mounting Options

CS Series Mounting Stands

This series of secure copier enclosures provides a number of useful features for nearly any market. A locking door secures access to the paper trays and critical service panels. Secondly, a vending system may be physically attached to the locking door, allowing full mechanical integration and a more streamlined appearance. Finally, an adjustable height work surface allows users of the copier to place books and bags on a horizontal surface that is not the copier. This helps to prevent damage to the copier. Additionally, the presence of this work surface provides an opportunity for increased copy volume. When people have a place to work that is immediately adjacent to a copier they are more likely to continue using the copier.

PD Series Pedestals

Free-standing pedestals are available for both cash and card-based vending solutions. The PD Series allows a model 4300 or a card reader from the 7100 series to be mounted and supported. This pedestal arrangement can be located adjacent to the copier and the platform of the pedestal can be adjusted from 24" to 36" in height.

Free-Standing Base

This base is designed for the 6500 series of cash-based vending solutions. The free-standing base increases the footprint of the vending system, increasing its stability.  When ordered with a new vending system it ships already assembled.


Stored-Value Cards

Jamex Stored-Value Cards are designed for use with Jamex card readers. The high security magnetic stripe is formulated to exacting standards that yield exceptionally long life of the card and the card transport. These cards are unlike any other card in the world. They are exceptionally durable. Made from incredibly flexible materials a Jamex Stored-Value Card will retain its shape through all manner of use.

Cleaning Cards

Card Reader Cleaning CardsOur technically advanced Jamex Cleaning Cards are specifically designed to provide preventative maintenance of any Jamex Card Reader or Bill Validator without dismantling the card transport or bill path. Each Jamex Cleaning Card is conveniently pre-saturated and sealed to ensure a clean card and the proper amount of solution for each use.  They are constructed with a lint free, non-abrasive material on both sides allowing all the internal accepting mechanisms and components to be cleaned at the same time.

Jamex Cleaning Cards will effectively remove the heavy dirt from pollution and continuous card reader or bill validator use. We recommend Jamex hardware devices be cleaned once a week.  Equipment that experiences a higher volume of use should be cleaned more often. Jamex equipment is extremely reliable, especially when this simple and inexpensive preventative maintenance is performed. Jamex Cleaning Cards keep expensive professional visits to a minimum, and keep your equipment in good working order.

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