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The Jamex System 7000 is an integrated vending system designed to offer the convenience of Stored-Value Cards while retaining the familiarity of cash vending.

Here are just a few of the advantages and capabilities of the Jamex System 7000:

  • System 7000 reduces the need for cash and provides security in high risk locations. Stored-Value Cards are used in libraries and college campuses around the country, freeing staff from collecting and counting coins.
  • System 7000 uses an exclusive CR80, 10mil, high coercivity magnetic stripe card that provides security for your location and convenience for larger transactions.
  • System 7000 provides all of the elements of a complete system: controllers, dispensers, and encoding systems.

Series 7100 Readers

Model 7110

The 7110 Card Reader controls access to a copier or reader printer. Management cards allow you to change the price per copy, read the meters, or operate in the bypass mode.

  • Accepts Jamex Stored-Value Cards
  • Controls a photocopier or microfilm/microfiche reader-printer
  • Price per copy adjustable in $0.01 increments
  • Management cards that allow staff to manage configuration and accounting data
    • Set Prices - adjust the price per copy
    • Read Meters - gather usage and accounting data
    • Bypass - override the vending device for staff use

Model 7112

All of the features of the 7110 plus:

  • Charge different prices for different copy types (e.g. color vs monochrome, or different paper sizes)
  • Additional management cards for enhanced functionality
    • Set Card Value - change the dollar amount on a Stored-Value Card

Model 7114

The 7114 Card Reader features a USB computer interface to allow software to access the value stored on a card.  Print management software applications use the 7114 to charge for network printing. This card reader is also used in conjunction with Jamex 10mil Software™: Revalue Edition™.

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