NetPad™ Touch

Credit card acceptance for self-service copy vending is the newest addition to the Jamex family of products. The NetPad Touch boasts an array of impressive hardware and software features, making it the easiest solution to use for vending copies using a credit card.

NetPad TouchThe NetPad™ Touch breaks down all of the barriers that exist in today's marketplace for a self-service credit card vending solution.  Each part of the total solution has been addressed with best in class or even revolutionary approaches.  Distinct advantages to equipment owners exist in the hardware, software, and credit card processing workflow of the NetPad Touch.

Hardware Advantages

The hardware platform of the NetPad Touch has been designed to be consumer-friendly.  Both the internal electronics and outward appearance of this terminal include features that equipment owners and users will appreciate.

The appearance of the NetPad Touch will look familiar and approachable to anyone that has used a credit card to buy items in a grocery store, department store, or other retail location.  With a large, full-color touchscreen and a horizontally oriented card swipe slot, the NetPad Touch would fit right into any checkout lane.  There is no learning curve or new device appearance that users need to adjust to when using the NetPad Touch.

Network administrators will appreciate the networking features of the NetPad Touch.  Featuring a built-in 10/100 Mbps network switch with two ports the NetPad Touch can take advantage of an existing network connection and share that connection with another network device.  So many modern devices feature network connectivity, including today's digital office equipment.  With the NetPad Touch there is no need to incur the time and financial expense of adding a new network connection.

Software Features

To deliver the most reliable, stable, and feature-rich platform possible Jamex selected Linux to drive the NetPad Touch.  Now, the same operating system that powers the world's web sites powers this amazing terminal.  Under active development by a host of programmers, the operating system of the NetPad Touch has been built to be secure and stable, ensuring the longevity and usefulness of the device.

Embracing other open technologies, the NetPad Touch features a whole new web-based management scheme.  Via an embedded web server in the NetPad Touch, device administrators can view meters, set prices, and change device configurations from their office.  Simplifying administrative tasks such as these is one more way that the NetPad Touch delivers exceptional value.

Credit Card Processing

The NetPad Touch delivers security and simplicity with its solution for credit card processing.

Money moves from the customer to the merchant in a straight path with the NetPad Touch.  Equipment owners (merchants) can maintain their existing banking relationships when selling self-service copies via the NetPad Touch.  No special accounts are necessary.  Funds for transactions processed through the NetPad Touch are deposited as quickly as funds that are run through the merchant's cash register.  There is no middle man holding onto the merchant's money for weeks or months.

A critical item when dealing with any type of financial transaction is the security of that data.  That is why all communications to and from the NetPad Touch are encrypted.  The NetPad Touch adheres to all of the best practices recommended by the Payment Card Industry, ensuring that all cardholder data remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.

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