Network Enabled Payment Solutions - 9550 Series

The 9550 series cost recovery solution is an ideal choice for facilities managers that rely on timely information and simplicity of workflows when managing a fleet of cost recovery solutions, commonly referred to as coin ops. All of the models in the 9550 series are network enabled which allows for in-place firmware updates and remote support service sessions. Quick configuration service mode through the USB port means fleets can be set up quickly with a common configuration. A 2-line LCD display and a descriptive workflow overlay continues the intuitive user experience that Jamex has been providing for years. The 9550 accepts nickels, dimes, quarters, and $1 coins, has a minimum of $34 in self-replenishing change capacity, comes with either a PC or copier specific interface solution cable and has an unmatched two year warranty.

Other feature upgrades include:

  • Jamex Software Suite Administrator for meter and event reporting
  • Integrated stored-value card readers
  • Increased change capacity
  • Simultaneous PC and copier specific connectivity
  • Forward compatibility with USB and HDMI expansion ports