Payment Method Legend

  • Coin
  • Bill
  • Stored-Value Card
  • Accounts
  • Credit Card
  • Remote Access Control

8240 - Card Dispenser/Revalue Station

Go cashless and use convenient stored-value cards to access analog or digital copiers, computers, and printers. Revalue station enables adding value to card through the use of cash or credit cards.


Self-service purchase and dispensing of Jamex stored-value cards

Allows self-service addition of value to cards

Accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and/or Discover

Accepts $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills

Stacks up to 500 cards for purchase

Shows instructions, credit balance and reconciliation on touch screen display

Maintains existing banking relationships

Deposits transaction funds as quickly as POS payment

Fully encrypts all communications for security

Protects cardholder data using payment card industry best practices

9557 - JPC + Copy

Payment Method: 

Simple and quick integration of self-service payment with any software solution! That is what the Jamex Payment Controller offers.

JPC+Copy extends the features of a standard Jamex Payment Controller to include control of a photocopier or multi-function product (MFP).  This allows a single vending system to communicate with software to facilitate payment for software functions and also allow self-service photocopying.  In addition, software may control the photocopier through JPC+Copy.


Connects simultaneously to both a PC and a copier/MFP

Accepts funds for print and copy from one system


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