9550 Series - Network Enabled Payment Solutions

The 9550 series cost recovery solution is an ideal choice for facilities managers that rely on timely information and simplicity of workflows when managing a fleet of cost recovery solutions, commonly referred to as coin ops. All of the models in the 9550 series are network enabled which allows for in-place firmware updates and remote support service sessions. Quick configuration service mode through the USB port means fleets can be set up quickly with a common configuration. A 2-line LCD display and a descriptive workflow overlay continues the intuitive user experience that Jamex has been providing for years. The 9550 accepts nickels, dimes, quarters, and $1 coins, has a minimum of $34 in self-replenishing change capacity, comes with either a PC or copier specific interface solution cable and has an unmatched two year warranty.

The most versatile model of the copier controller series is the 9557 which takes the features above and adds the ability to accept paper notes. This is where the true customization of the product begins. Other feature upgrades include:

  • Jamex Software Suite Administrator for meter and event reporting
  • Integrated stored-value card readers
  • Increased change capacity
  • Simultaneous PC and copier specific connectivity
  • Enhanced vending capability to track and charge for print, scan & fax
  • Forward compatibility with USB and HDMI expansion ports

9557 - NetPad™


Provides stable, secure, and reliable credit card payment or access to online accounts

Allows for individual pricing by payment method (cash vs. credit card)

9557 - JPC + Copy

Payment Method: 

Simple and quick integration of self-service payment with any software solution! That is what the Jamex Payment Controller offers.

JPC+Copy extends the features of a standard Jamex Payment Controller to include control of a photocopier or multi-function product (MFP).  This allows a single vending system to communicate with software to facilitate payment for software functions and also allow self-service photocopying.  In addition, software may control the photocopier through JPC+Copy.


Connects simultaneously to both a PC and a copier/MFP

Accepts funds for print and copy from one system


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