Cash Payment Solutions - 6500 Series

Payment Method Legend

  • Coin
  • Bill
  • Stored-Value Card
  • Accounts
  • Credit Card
  • Remote Access Control

The 6500 series coin-op has a rich array of features. All of the models in this series support a broad range of coin acceptance (including nickels, dimes, quarters, and $1 coins), a minimum of $34 in self-replenishing change capacity, an unmatched two year warranty, and either a PC or copier specific interface solution, included out of the box.

The most popular model of the copier controller series is the 6557 which takes the features above and adds the ability to accept paper notes. This is where the true customization of the product begins. Other feature upgrades include:

  • Integrated stored-value card readers
  • Increased change capacity
  • Simultaneous PC and copier specific connectivity
  • Enhanced vending capability to track and charge for print, scan, & fax

This enhanced vending capability is the new Vend It All!™ solution from Jamex, allowing equipment owners to vend and recover costs for all major functions of a MFP including copy, print, scan, & fax. This feature is only available for certain models of MFP. Call today to verify availability for your make and model.

6552 - Coin Only

Payment Method: 

Accepts only coins – nickels, dimes, quarters, $1 coins and returns change

Upgrades easily to add bill or card acceptance

6557 - Base Model

Payment Method: 

Provides self-service access control to your photocopier

Accepts any combination of nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar coins and gives change

Takes $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills

Includes a bypass key for service/staff copies

Shows instructions, credit balance, and reconciliation data on a scrolling display

Adapts for most major currencies with optional international coin and bill acceptors

6557 - JPC

Payment Method: 

Allows charging for printer output from network computers

Enables print management software to access funds deposited in the payment system

Features a USB interface for integration with software applications

6557 - JPC + Copy

Payment Method: 

Connects simultaneously to both a PC and a copier/MFP

Accepts funds for print and copy from one system

6557 - NetPad™

Payment Method: 

Provides stable, secure, and reliable credit card payment or access to online accounts

Allows for individual pricing by payment method (cash vs. credit card)

6557-70 - Internal Card Reader

Payment Method: 

Features an integrated stored-value card reader

Allows for individual pricing by method of payment (cash vs. stored-value card)

Adds value to cards via self service at the payment system

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